How it Started

The Hidden Helper was born out of one small, and one extremely large problem. First the small problem...his kids could barely access the bathroom sink and when they did their sleeves were completely drenched... sometimes even the entire front of their shirts. There was always the option to pick up the kids around their stomach (so uncomfortable for everyone) and use the other hand to "help." Is it any wonder the kids never wanted to wash their hands?

The Real Problem?

Perhaps the larger problem for Mark...he loathed clutter...and stubbing his toes on the stool he found himself tripping over nearly every day! A stool in the middle of the bathroom was a trip hazard AND an eye sore. So, he went to work...pulled out his old trigonometry book, and designed a STOOL. THE STOOL to rule all stools. The STOOL to conquer all of the world’s unsightly bathroom tripping problems. The STOOL that would help his kids fight germs, plaque, crime, and world hunger… He really got carried away in his thinking. In actuality, that was it...he built a stool. His kids used it and loved it...and so did their friends.