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Fold away under cabinet step stool

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Help your kids establish an independent bathroom routine. Place one in the kitchen too!
  • Foster independence in washing hands and brushing teeth
  • Stows away in standard vanities and cabinets 
  • Save your back…No more lifting your child to the sink
  • Two steps get your child closer to the sink, more easily than a one-step stool
  • Don’t leave them hanging! When installed properly it will not slip out from underneath your child’s feet
Eco Friendly Bamboo

The bamboo step stool is designed for durability and stability while remaining lightweight has many ecological advantages over traditional materials such as wood and plastic. Because bamboo is a natural resource, it is also beneficial to children who suffer from allergies or asthma. They are also simple to clean, requiring only lukewarm water, soap, and a cloth.  Bamboo step stools are environmentally friendly, and also helps
reduce waste. Plastic furniture decomposes in landfills over hundreds of years, whereas bamboo is a natural resource that regenerates quickly. Using bamboo products helps to preserve natural habitats while also lowering our carbon footprint.

Safety Information

Thank you for looking into safety of this device for your child. We deeply care about their safety, too.

You are the best judge regarding your child’s ability to use the stool independently. 

Weight limit for HiddenHelper is 300 pounds. Device tested up to 600 pounds. HiddenHelper has undergone testing to assure CPSIA compliance. Data on file. 

Please use caution and provide adult supervision as the opening between steps is large enough to allow a child's head to pass through. 

Contact us if you have questions. We love hearing from parents like you!

    HiddenHelper Stool in the open position on a white background
    HiddenHelper in the process of being put away on a white background
    HiddenHelper in the fully stowed position on a white background
    Closeup of the HiddenHelper adjustable feet
    HiddenHelper side profile with white background
    Close up of the HiddenHelper logo on the side of the stool upright

    • Helpful when you need it, Hidden when you don't

      Being stowable means you can have tidy floors again

    • Two Steps Better than One

      Thoughtful step heights help your child reach new levels of independence

    • Sturdy Secure Sustainable

      Solid construction supports 300lbs. Brackets Securely keep it in place.
      Mold-resistant, stylish & sustainable


    How much space do I need in my cabinet?

    HiddenHelper is designed to fit easily within most standard bathroom and kitchen cabinets. 
    The cabinet in which you are planning to install HiddenHelper should have an opening of at least 10 3/4 inches wide; should allow at least 11 inches from the front of the cabinet to any back wall; and should allow at least 9 inches from the front of the cabinet to any plumbing fixture or drain trap. The stool easily accommodates standard cabinet base heights of 4 to 6 inches. The adjustable feet help to keep the steps as level even on uneven surfaces.

    How is HiddenHelper "Montessori"?

    The Montessori Method generally involves the use of tools and exploratory toys created using natural products, such as bamboo and other natural fabrics and woods.  As a hands-on product that fosters independence and healthy habits, HiddenHelper fits perfectly within the Montessori Method.  Overall, step stools are a valuable tool in your home that not only helps to make daily routines easier but also encourages learning by giving children hands-on experience with everyday tasks such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth.

    What is the Montessori Method?

    The Montessori Method follows the educational philosophy and practice of Italian medical doctor and educator Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Respect for a child's natural psychological development, as well as the use of hands-on materials to promote learning, are central to the Montessori Method of education. A Montessori environment allows children to work, develop, and learn at their own pace, nurturing independence.

    Can my child use HiddenHelper without supervision?

    You are the best judge regarding your child’s ability to use the stool independently. We suggest you use caution and provide adult supervision as the opening between steps is large enough to allow a child's head to pass through.

    Real Parent Testimonials

    This is genius!
    Easy to put together and install. My 3 year old granddaughter loves being able to do it herself. Great communication from seller as well.

    Candica (Grandmother of 3 year old)

    Great Stool
    Works for my 2.5 yr old perfectly! He can now be independent and wash his hands and brush his teeth. Love how it disappears in the cabinet when not in use!!

    Austin (Father of 2.5 year old)

    We like our stool a lot!
    Both kids can use it. I love that we can stow it under the cabinet. Looks are great, design is great, and the install was easy.

    Kelly (Mother of 18 month & 3 yr old)

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