The HiddenHelper

What safety considerations went into the design of HiddenHelper?

Our HiddenHelper step stool is an excellent tool to help your child reach new heights as they safely accomplish new challenges and goals under your supervision and teaching. HiddenHelper’s two-step design helps your toddler get onto the stool more easily as it uses a shorter first step while the second step allows them to get approximately 5 inches higher than they could have if they had used a conventional stool, enabling your child to access the sink earlier and more easily. The HiddenHelper step stool is secured to the base of the cabinet to prevent it from slipping out from underneath them as can happen with a conventional stool.  Finally, its stowable design can also help reduce bathroom clutter, minimize tripping and stubbing of toes as so often happens with a conventional stool and it can’t ruin the face of your cabinets!. Testing has determined the stool to safely bear up to 300 pounds.

Be sure to also review the next question regarding your child using HiddenHelper without supervision.

Can my child use HiddenHelper without supervision?

You are the best judge regarding your child’s ability to use the stool independently. We suggest you use caution and provide adult supervision as the opening between steps is large enough to allow a child's head to pass through.

How is this assembled and installed?

HiddenHelper is easily assembled using a simple Phillips screwdriver… a drill or screw gun can make the installation even faster and easier.  It’s so easy you can do it with your child in just a few minutes. You can follow our assembly video as well by clicking this link.

When your child no longer has need for the stool simply reverse the screws, remove the HiddenHelper from its place, putty the small holes if you like, and pass it on to another toddler family.


How is HideenHelper "Montessori"

The Montessori Method generally involves the use of tools and exploratory toys created using natural products, such as bamboo and other natural fabrics and woods.  As a hands-on product that fosters independence and healthy habits, HiddenHelper fits perfectly within the Montessori Method.  Overall, step stools are a valuable tool in your home that not only helps to make daily routines easier but also encourages learning by giving children hands-on experience with everyday tasks such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth.

What is the Montessori Method

The Montessori Method follows the educational philosophy and practice of Italian medical doctor and educator Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Respect for a child's natural psychological development, as well as the use of hands-on materials to promote learning, are central to the Montessori Method of education. A Montessori environment allows children to work, develop, and learn at their own pace, nurturing independence.

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